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The best app to buy Quality Leather Shoes and Products From Ambur


Kissme shoes is a multi brand e-commerce app managed by Vellore Fortress Pvt. Ltd. We are promoting our own brand footwear and all other leather accessories. Our aim is to create a stunning ecommerce app to connect with people around the world and provide them high quality leather products from the Markets of Ambur. 

The speciality of our service is, you can get leather products like shoes, wallets, belts, bags, jackets, socks and shoes laces at a competitive price straight from Ambur bazaar through our site with one purchase, one shipment.

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Why Ambur is a Sought Out Place for Leather Products

Ambur is a town and municipality in Tirupattur District, Tamil Nadu. The economy is dependent on the leather industry. There are many leather tanning and manufacturing facilities.The consolidated district of Vellore is the top exporter of processed leather goods in the country. Vellore leather accounts for more than 37% of the country’s exports of leather and leather-related products (such as finished leathers, shoes, garments and gloves). It’s famous for its leather goods and footwear factories. Shoes wholesale market is the main attraction of this place with customers in major cities around south India. Lot of people travel to Ambur just to buy authentic leather products at wholesale rates. Kissme Shoes provides an online store for the same. Our aim is to help people buy Ambur Footwear and Leather Products from the comfort of their home. Order Online & Get it Delivered Anywhere.

Kiss Me is guided by six principles


Knowledge about customer as well as product


Innovation is applied wherever required


fascinates Sign as brand name


to society


learn from


the journey

We have introduced Family Pack and Student Pack options. If you want to  place a big order with multiple items, then purchase from Family Pack. If you want to purchase a single item in bulk(more than 5), then you can utilize the Student Pack. To know more about these details, visit our facebook and youtube pages. 


This app is managed by Vellore Fortress Private Limited. We started our journey this year (2020), after being inspired by a positive annual growth rate of interest in leather shoes and all other fashion accessories in Indian e-commerce market. Our shoes and all other leather products are designed following the latest international footwear trends. Almost 100+ retail outlets and distributors are doing business in Ambur region. We coordinate with them and choose selective footwear & accessories to make these products available for online shopping through our app. Being an e-commerce giant, our company has employed around 7 people and has been proactively compliant with Corporate Governance Compliance Report.


We are aiming to become one of the best online brands for footwear and leather products in south India. We have the scope and capabilities to evolve into a large company. With quality of service and on-time delivery worldwide, we strive to fulfil all our customer requirements.

Company size -
8 Employees

Headquarters -
Ambur, Tamil Nadu

Type -
Private Limited Company

Founded -

Specialties -
E-Commerce, Footwear manufacturing and Wholesale along with leather Fashion Accessories